Why order custom metal badges?

Do you know how much a simple metal or lapel pin badge can do to your business? If you have never thought about ordering a set for your firm, consider the following. Thousands of employees wear custom metal badges and lapel pins with logos of their companies on a daily basis. They help you advertise your business without much effort just by walking on the street. During conventions, exhibitions, and seminars, a custom metal badges becomes a great way to gain recognition from both your customers and rivals. Therefore, why miss a chance to get people talking about your firm when it is so easy to do?

If you decided to purchase badges for your company, but have no idea where to start, our team is here to help you. We know exactly how to make your badges unique, durable, and memorable. Our managers will gladly help you choose the right materials and come up with a design that your clients, business partners, and competitors will remember.

How are the custom metal badges made?

The process of creating custom metal badges usually comprises several steps. As a rule, we cut out 0.5-mm aluminum plates and use 2 mm of plastic as a substrate to ensure the durability of the final product. Additionally, our company uses sublimation labeling to put pictures or text on aluminum plates.

The manufacturing process may slightly differ depending on whether you order a metal or a lapel pin badge. We constantly expand the selection of materials our customers may choose from to make sure our company can satisfy even the most daring desires of our clients.

When placing an order, you may pick one of the following colors for your custom metal badges:

–  White

–  Dark or light gold (glossy or matte coated)

–  Silver (with glossy, matte, or ultra-matte finish)

We also provide name badges which are made of special 1.5-mm thick engraving plastic and are mostly available in gold or silver. Colored acrylic name badges are usually about 3-mm thick and are covered with film of different shades after being engraved with a desirable text and logo.

Finally, you are welcome to choose how you want the badges to be worn or attached to the clothing:

– Lanyard.

– Pin.

– Lapel pin.

– Magnetic strip.

Get a high-quality custom metal pin from Vizinform!

We understand how important recognition is to your business. As custom metal badges that you order will be seen by hundreds of people every day, they need to look great, be durable, and make an amazing first impression. This is exactly what we can help you achieve.

Note that a pin should not only showcase the name of the person who will be wearing it, but also include company information such as brand name and logo to help your business become more recognizable. If you are not sure how to make it happen or feeling uncertain about the design, color, or the material you would like to use for your pin or badge, do not worry. Our team is here to help you make an informed decision and create a set of custom metal badges for you for a great price!