Order custom coasters and forget about stains!

Tired of cleaning the water marks from bottles and glasses? Get cup coasters! They help to:

– Keep tables and other surfaces free from “water rings.”

– Reduce the cleaning expenses.

– Prevent scratches on furniture.

– Decorate your tables and the establishment in general.

– Advertise your business.

If you are a bar, restaurant, or a café owner, coasters are a must in your place of work. Whether the tables your customers are sitting behind are made of wood or marble, they are susceptible to water damage, and there is no easier way to prevent it than using a coaster. However, it’s not just the practical part that matters.

Adding anything to the décor requires careful consideration. You may want everything around you to have matching colors or to, at least, look like it belongs. Getting personalized coasters will help you ensure just that. When you have full control over the color, shape, and the overall design of a coaster, it will be pretty easy to incorporate it into the décor of your establishment or even make it a recognizable feature of your business. Your coasters can easily become collectibles and sell out for a great price.

How to use drink coasters to make more money?

Custom coasters can play a huge role in advertising your company. Even if you don’t work in the food and beverage industry, giving them as practical gifts will allow you to make your brand name more recognizable. Besides, you can distribute them among local establishments for free or make a mutually-beneficial agreement that will allow you to showcase your business logo where your customers are most likely to see it. Alternatively, you can be the one to get a sponsorship offer from businesses who want to reach more potential clients, and strike a great deal out of it.

Why order coasters online?

Deciding to buy a set of drink coasters, you may be prompted to visit a few shops to review their selections. However, it takes time to drive from place to place, and it might be hard to find something of a good quality, with an interesting design, and of the necessary quantity. Making an order online instead will allow you to get through the available options much quicker and get the exact number of coasters you were looking for. Besides, why spend time looking for a perfect coaster when you can design one yourself?

Our company offers different types of custom coasters that can suit any needs of our clients.  They can be made using various materials such as:

– Cardboard

– Cork

– Plywood

– Leather

– Wood

– Porcelain

– Stone

The choice depends solely on your preferences, needs, and budget. However, we recommend considering wooden coasters as they do not only look stylish but are also environmentally friendly and easily recyclable.

To place an order, it is necessary to settle on a specific design of a final product, and our designers will gladly help you do it. Moreover, our managers and technicians can give you a consultation regarding the materials and image or engraving application methods based on what you are looking for in a coaster. When it comes to the latter, we offer:

  1. Silk-screen printing that keeps the colors dim and the product looking classy.
  2. Laser engraving that ensures that any imaging or text will remain intact for a long time.
  3. UV printing that helps to highlight the brightness of the colors and makes a picture you apply look more realistic.

You will be able to compare the options and pick the one that will showcase the design of your cup coasters in the best possible way. We are ready to help you every step of the way to make sure you get exactly what you were looking for quickly and for an affordable price.